Best Beer Gardens in Berlin

In this episode of our free travel guide we show you the best beer gardens in Berlin, so you can refresh yourself in the sun in the most beautiful spaces this city has to offer.

Best Beer Gardens in Berlin: Cafe am Neuen See 

We start of with our very favourite spot when it comes to drinking Beer in Berlin. Cafe am Neuen See is not overpromising when it comes to its name. This little cafe is located at a little lake and surrounded by the forest of the Tiergarten, Berlin’s biggest park. The beer is relatively expensive here but the location is stunning nevertheless. For only 6€ you can rent yourself a little rowing boat to take a cruise on the lake. And yes, you can bring your beer!

Best Beer Gardens in Berlin: Schleusenkrug

The Schleusenkrug is usually filled with young students and is located inside the Tierpark, not far from Cafe am Neuen See. The special thing about this place is the fact that one of Berlin’s boating channels runs alongside it. Here you can see ships entering and leaving the watergates, as you casually sip on a fresh beer. Schleusenkrug also features a nice grill where you can fill your belly in case the beer amount requires a more solid foundation.

Best Beer Gardens in Berlin: Golgatha

A bit further down South in the city you will find a small spot called Golgatha. Here you can dwell on sun loungers whilst you wait for your relatively cheap beer. This place also features a roof terrace for people who really MUST tank as much sun as possible. Additionally, you will also discover a grill which is located outside. Our vloggers were very happy with the quality of the grilled meats. They keep reminding me to let you know to try the sausages. They must be crazy (the sausages of course)…

Best Beer Gardens in Berlin: Pratergarten

Lastly, our hero protagonists recommend the Pratergarten. This establishment is always filled with people from all ages and walks of life. It features many sun protecting umbrellas and a wide variety of large trees that make this location look very idyllic. Of all locations that are featured in this piece, the Pratergarten offers the cheapest beer and the largest space. If you want to meet new people we definitely recommend this place because you will most likely be forced to sit with other people. But do not worry, so far our team has always had a GREAT time when they visited this garden.

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