Transportation in Barcelona

Standing in a crowded subway, bus or tram in the middle of a hot Barcelona summer? No. In fact: Nonono! Because there are so many better ways to get from A to B than enjoying the body odour of the person squeezed in next to you. In this episode of our free travel guide we show you the best means of transportation in Barcelona, so you can get around in style instead of sweat.

Transportation in Barcelona: Bike Taxi

A true, everlasting classic. You can find them all through the city so don’t worry about being able to find one. Why is this such a popular medium of transportation? Well fair enough, it has no air conditioning, but what it does have is a local driver who will be happy to answer all your questions and give you some insider tips on Barcelona.

To find out more about Bike Taxis click here.

Transportation in Barcelona: Cable Car to Montjuic

Ok, make sure to void this one during weekends, because it will be super stuffed with tourists. But during the week: super nice views over the harbour and the city at a decent price! Apparently it can be a bit awkward sometimes because nobody talks to each other in the gondola, but who cares, your are in there to admire the city from above and to explore the harbour sight. Why you would want to go to Montjuic in the first place? Well, A) super nice views over the city, B) Gaudi completed some of his finest work in the surrounding park and you should definitely see it.

To find out more about the Cable Car to Montjuic click here.

Transportation in Barcelona: Electric Scooters

Yes. Do it. So cool. Cruising with ease (and a good portion of style) through the streets of Barcelona. The best part: You help saving the environment. Just kidding, the batteries of those things are super bad when it comes to production emissions… But you can see SO MANY things in such a short time when you use electric scooters. And they are quite fast too, so be sure to stay vigilant when racing your friends along the beach.

To find out more about the Electric Scooters click here.

Transportation in Barcelona: Sunset Cruise

Although this much rather takes you from A to A instead of B we totally recommend you do this. Not just because of the cocktails and sunset, but also because of the surprisingly low prices and the super chill atmosphere. In order to book this you should download our app! For iOS click here and for Android click here.




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